SEPTeFX Disinfectants


What is SEPTeFX?

SEPTeFX pronounced "SEPT EFFECTS" is a one step cleaning and disinfecting solution also known as a germicide. It comes in two strengths.

Are these solutions safe to use?

SEPTeFX 7D-11 and 6D-840 are non-toxic, biodegradable and environmentally friendly solutions which can be poured directly down the drain or disposed in domestic waste. They do not contain harmful phenols or glutaraldehydes.

What is the active ingredient used?

The active ingredient is Chlorhexidine Gluconate in an Ethanol base.

Where can these solutions be used?

SEPTeFX 7D-11, the milder solution, has a three-minute kill time and can be sprayed or wiped on both hard and soft surfaces. It can be effectively used on furniture, carpets, beds, textiles, uniforms, medical tubing, plastics, electronic equipment, telephones, instrument, stethoscopes etc.

SetpeFX 6D-840 is the stronger solution and has a ten second kill time and should be sprayed or wiped on hard surfaces only. It contains 70.5% Ethanol, therefore is not recommended for repeated use on plastics or electronic equipment. This product is excellent for BioHazard Kits, blood spills or whenever the situation warrants instant disinfecting.

Will these products help on mildew, mould and fungi?

Both products will effectively eliminate mildew, mould and fungi. The wait time (or kill time) is longer for 7D-11 than for 6D-840. Both will prevent regrowth of organisms between use. These problems are associated with unwanted moisture therefore the condition must also be corrected.

Do I have to clean first before disinfecting?

No. SEPTeFX solutions are designed as one step cleaning and disinfecting. No pre-cleaning is necessary. This process reduces cost and time. The turnaround time between patients in clinical offices is drastically reduced.

Is this product as effective as Chlorine?

Better! As a high level germicide, Chlorine is only effective when you mix it , two parts water, one part chlorine. This dilution is very harmful, corrosive and dangerous to one's health.

Does this product help with immune comprised individuals?

Yes. These people need extra protection because their bodies cannot fight off the invading germs. A simple cold or flu bug can make them very sick. People undergoing medical treatments of cancer and dialysis are immune comprised, as are aides and diabetic sufferers.

Is this a Canadian product?

Yes. This formula is 100% Canadian made. A team of Microbiologists and a chemist manufacture it in Ontario. The products are also backed by an educational support team.